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Budd Hopkins



Well the basic pattern I've come to see it over all these years is extraordinarily common repeated over and over and over again. I mean it's a pretty absolute pattern. This begins in childhood. The person is abducted in infancy or early years. (ahem) The person is ..the child is taken from the crib or whatever a few times from the hospital as a newborn. And usually is somehow sampled because little scars appear from where evidently layers of cells are taken. And then that person is reabducted at intervals, as if he or she is now a sort of a tracked animal in some cosmic zoological experiment. In later years the physical examinations that take place when that person is taken involve a concentration on the reproductive system. Ova and sperm samples are apparently taken over and over again. And the ..actually the physical examinations concentrates in certain areas and completely skips other areas. For instance the reproductive as I said is always a subject of interest on the part of the UFO occupants, and the head. The nasal cavity, the ears and so on which we beleive are the paths by which implants are put in place. There has never been a case that I have ever run into in 17 years of doing this where the human heart is an object of interest part of UFO abductees which is very interesting becuase if this were fantasy, if this were some psychological thing, obviously our concern with the human heart and the cardiovascular system would mean that some people here and there would have fantasized alien interest, alien EEG's or something but that has never happened. The situation often moves into a more overtly reproductive pattern where a woman might be artificially inseminated, find herself pregnant usually assuming that it happened the normal way but in many many cases that is clearly impossible, there has been no sexual activity and yet the woman is in fact pregnant. And then she is re abducted and the developing fetus is removed, usually before the third month although we have a couple of reported cases that that has happened in the seventh month. And the final step in all of this is that very often the person is reabducted and is shown a small odd child. A kind of hybrid mix. And I know this sounds totally off the wall, which is true of the entire UFO phenomenon to begin with, but there seems to be part..a desire on the part of the UFO occupants to have that person hold the child in some sort of bonding procedure, as if they believe that human touch is efficacious in some way or other. (ahem) We don't know why or what this really means. But it's reported over and over again. That's a very interesting thing, that these little hybrid babies often have hair which is wispy and very pale. And often doesn't cover the whole skull. This is the way it's reported. And it's touching to me that I've had three different women in hypnotic regression sessions describing being handed a little baby with this strange hair but they're holding the child feeling it looks sad or ill or something of that sort. And three different women, all mothers in the real world have said the same thing. They say nobody brushes their hair. They don't brush these children's..they don't understand hair. Their hair is just sticking out. Because every mother would like to smooth and clean and groom and so forth a tiny child. But they don't do this. And that's again one of those little details which is hard to imagine fantasy in creating, cause you get that over and over again

There's speculation as to why they're..carrying on this genetic program but it's only speculation and we really have no way of knowing. And of course one of the theories is that they need something, that they have run into some obstacle in thier own evolution or whatnot on the physical level and that they need some kind of infusion to revivify their own stock, but who knows? That's just a guess.

there's all kinds of speculation and there are people who say well they told us this and that. And as I point out over and over again, anything one is told by the aliens is precisely as reliable as anything told ..that one is told about the UFO phenomenon by the United States governnment.

People are being told different things and they are being told unreliable things, things which are demonstrably false in many cases.

there is absolutely no way in which deception is not as central to the phenomenon as flashing lights. I have a case where two young women describe coming upon a six car pileup of wrecked automobiles. (ahem) And it was very strange they said 'cause there was nobody in any of the cars. There was no one watching this, it's late at night. And there were no emergency vehicles witnesses, or anything. And each one independently reported all of this to their parents and friends, they saw the strangest things. They remembered it the same way. Well they began to years later doubt they would have behaved this way if they'd come upon a six car pileup, they would never have just driven by and not gotten out or see if they could help somebody. Ultimately under hypnosis of course the six car pileup vanished. It was a UFO. The car..their car actually stopped and it was the explanation why they were so late getting home, lost a couple of hours. But the important point here is that an external image which was identical in the two women's memories was played in from the outside into their minds. Now that's of course a massive act of deception. What they actually saw was altered for two women in exactly the same way. So if that kind of thing is endemic to the UFO phenomenon, what can you trust?

the issue of another reality. I steadfastly refuse to get into an argument as to the nature of the UFO occupants themselves. What were they made of, where do they come from. One of the very funny issues here, and of course I essentially think that the other reality argument is an argument simply about vocabulary. It's a meaningless argument. It's a wheels spinning procedure if there ever was one. The thing that I found that kind of establishes that is one man said that he did not believe the UFO occupants were extra terrestrial in origin because they are not doing what extra terrestrials would do. Now that seems to sum up the absurdity of even arguing those points. I always wonder you know how many extra terrestrials, how many interdimensionals, how many metaterrestrials can dance on the head of a pin. If you take six out, six more come in from another group. It is senseless. We don't know what the nature of this is. Now far as whether or not it is physically real, there is absolutely no doubt about this, that at least at some point it is physically real - as real as anything else. It can break the tree branches when the things land on the ground, the soil is affected, people are physically missing, seen floated out of windows, the physical scars are there the next morning that weren't there the night before, etc. etc., the pregnancies exist. It is physically real. So this is not a psychological thing. However it has a completely psychic aspect to it. The communication is telepathic, people find themselves waking up and getting in their car and driving out to some location they've never been to before and there a UFO awaits them, there's all kinds of psychic control etc. It has people float through closed surfaces. It has all kinds of analogies with other things. The argument about..if somebody says well there are leprauchans wouldn't..and pots of gold at the end of the rainbow and things like that which are not seen in UFO issue..things, but there are similarities (ahem)..There are similarities between sexual abuse and its aftermath. And the UFO abductees and the aftermath. But you can establish that the UFO abductee may have been sexually abused - abductee A, and remembers the abuse and also remembers the abduction and they're two separate things, and then you can get abductee B who was not sexually abused and who does recall the abduction so we find, as we do with so many other things, that a similarity is only that. It's a similarity of something. There are certain symptoms that the common cold probably have in..has in common with late stages of malaria. But what does it prove? We must always avoid the seduction of a superficial similarity no matter what it is. To be rigorously scientific about this we have to see, we have to analyze exactly the symptoms, the patterns of this situation, of other situations of..I mean let's take the leprauchans and pot of gold and the fairies. Okay we can find a similarity here and a similarity there but there are extraordinary differences. And therefore we have two different phenomena. It's a very simple scientific procedure. One tries to find out if there are distinct differences between these two sets of data. And if there are differences then we have two different phenomena. Even though we might have some reassuring helpful similarities, to jump on the similarity is to say well (ahem) I will ..I mean it can be as absurd as saying well Hitler was probably alright because after all he was Austrian and so were some very great composers and writers.

People have come out of a (ahem) range of extremely disturbing complex experiences, transformed. Other people have been ruined by the experiences - this whole range of traumatic events. People have committed suicide. There is absolutely no doubt that certain families that I've dealt wih have reported the death..the suicide of members of the family, different families, that seem to be pretty much traceable to the abduction experiences, they just became unbearable. Many children that have tried to commit suicide are abductees. At the same time people come out of this transformed, put the best possible gloss on their experiences, and like the Viet Nam vet becomes the priest or Mrs Brady who becomes politically active in a dramatic way. So the result of this experience is ..has to do with the nature of the experience of the individual..individual's makeup. This is not a gift from the outside.

I have been consistently mute when I'm dealing with an abductee who convinces himself or herself that they have been the recipients of particular gifts from the outside. I would never argue that. I've never seen any evidence of that. But just as I've never seen any evidence of deliberate harm coming from the outside. It is very very dificult for any human being not to take this extraordinarily strange phenomenon and attach to it the baggage of fear as we have as our natural paranoid tendencies within ourselves, or the hopes that are built into everyone more or less I suppose on earth of a religious nature, that somehow there is out there a saviour - someone who will give us something and help us and transform us and so forth. Those are powerful powerful drives. The fear of the unknown, of the devils out there and the hope for some sort of godlike thing to help. And when an experience like this comes into one's lives it is extraordinarily understandable that one would attach the baggage of those human needs and fears to the experience itself. And ultimately what I have learned about this, I think, is something about the incredible resilience of the human spirit and the resources of the human spirit that faced with these experiences which are extremely confusing, frightening, often debilitating and so on - the person is able to come through this with his or her own resources. And somehow forge a better life as a result of it especially when the thing is explored. And whatever let's say false hopes are built into it, it doesn't seem to be a problem. It can still..the transformation can take place.

I have a resistance to the word paranormal. I think that again it's a human's a built in human desire to think that there's the understood normal world and that over here somewhere is this vast, not understood paranormal world. Well my view is that the paranormal world or whatever that term means - it simply is a way of attaching a term to technologies and psychological realities and techniques and so forth that we do not yet understand. I am absolutely convinced that if Leonardo da Vinci, as brilliant as he was was shown closed circuit television it would 100 percent paranormal to him. And I have to say television is paranormal to me. I don't know how somebody can aim a little box at me and an invisible ray can go up to something in the sky and then somebody in China can have a material ..a picture materialize on the screen. That's paranormal to me. Well I don't have to call it other reality. It's just something that is magical to me and I think that these issues and how someone can be made to pass through a closed surface which insults my intelligence in the same way that television befuddles my intelligence - I think that there's probably no difference here at all. That ultimately the technique of these things can be mastered and understood. So I don't have an argument with this. I..the..I don't see the paranormal as some sort of realm, as a different thing. I had a man once say that I didn't understand the universe. He said it in a very confused way - you don't understnad the universe. He said Mr. Hopkins the universe is a very unusual place. And I said as opposed to what? The universe is the universe, the world is the world. It contains confusing reality..I don't understand human emotion really, how we form certain things. I don't understand a thousand things about the human mind. And I dont have to postulate a realm to help me. I think that we have a terrible tendency to feel that we can hang a name around something, brand it with something - then we understand it. And in this case they seem to be able to do things that we can't do, just as we can do things that a tribe in New Zealand can't do.

The issue is that we're only safe if we pick this subject up by the human end. What is happening to people. The person is literally missing. The person, witnesses are describing someone floating through a window 120 feet up. UFO's are seen in photographs. Tree trunks are broken, scars turn up. We can talk about that, that's real. You go beyond that, what is the motivation, where are these people from, are they inter-dimensionals or are they from zader reticuli or whatever the hell makes no difference and it's total speculation and of course the baggage of anthropomorphic thinking and hopes and fears are going to get tangled up with this and we can talk about good aliens and bad aliens and construct any kind of mirror image of our hopes and fears but we're going to be lost if we concentrate on that.