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David Cherniack

David Cherniack’s career spans over 50 documentary films.

After an undergraduate degree in Physics he was living in London in the late 60’s when he became interested in film. After traveling in Europe and a month living in a cave on the South coast of Crete he was accepted to the Prague Film Academy (FAMU), studying dramatic direction for four years under Otakar Vavra and Evald Schorm.

On returning to Canada he was one of the founders of the Winnipeg Film Group before settling in Toronto. There he made the ground breaking Coming and Going about life on a palliative care ward for CBC’s The Nature of Things and from 1981 he produced and directed documentaries at CBC’s documentary anthology series, Man Alive, over the next 13 years.

As an independent he began shooting and editing his own films with Sleepwalking Mongolia in 1998. He completed the innovative 26 part Spiritual Literacy (1999). From 2000-2003 he made Reservation , an insightful cinema verité feature and miniseries that follows life on a remote BC reserve over the course of a year.

In 2005 with permission from H.H. the Dalai Lama that had never been granted before he was allowed to film Oracle, a documentary about the State Oracles of Tibet.

His 2008 feature documentary UFOs: The Secret History is the first film to take a detailed look at the cultural history of the UFO phenomenon.

His films have won dozens of major national and international awards.